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Commercial Insurance

If you have a business, you need commercial insurance. Whether you are an independent contractor or if you employ many more people, you need to protect your business from all kinds of losses that are out of your control. Commercial insurance can help protect your business from losses due to weather, theft, accidents, vandalism, lawsuits or even more potential problems. Most people realize that living in a litigious society makes commercial insurance common sense for today’s business person.

Limiting Risk

Commercial insurance helps reduce the risk that a business owner might encounter in the process of doing his or her job. Commercial insurance allows the business owner to ensure their assets, real estate, and the health of their employees and to protect the future of their business enterprise. Commercial insurance also protects those who give advice and writes or administers contracts or similarly binding legal papers. An Errors and Omissions insurance policy can help protect a business owner from perceived poor advice when given in good faith.

MRH Insurance Group Inc. can help you find the best commercial insurance available for your situation. We will help you ensure that if something happens to an employee, customer, or yourself, your business will be protected.

Factor in Choosing the Right Commercial Insurance

  • Location
  • Number of employees—the more employees and the kinds of jobs they do is important
  • The length of time a business has been operating
  • Gross revenue—this is important in deciding how much the insurance will cost the business
  • The number of business vehicles and if they are purchased or leased
  • Whether the business location is rented or owned, how much is still owed, and if a house doubles as part of the business.

With many variables, there is not a one-size fits all solution for commercial insurance. If you need commercial insurance for your new business, or if you’re shopping for a new insurance provider, stop by MRH Insurance Group Inc., to see how can help give you some peace of mind.