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Home Insurance

As an established and highly respected insurance agency, we provide detailed information and services to a variety of individuals from all walks of life.

At MRH Insurance Group Inc., we carefully evaluate the insurance needs of our customers to protect against theft, fire, flood and storm damage, liability, natural disasters, termites, and much more.

To cite one example, the amount you pay for home insurance can vary based on your circumstances such as the size of your home and lot. Usually, a home that is located on a corner lot will increase the market selling price, real estate taxes, and the property value. Your assets and your actual address will also have a bearing on insurance costs.

To make things much easier for all concerned, we suggest that you maintain a household inventory for several reasons. It can be a tremendous help when we start discussing home insurance protection. Additionally, if an accident happens, the list will make things much easier and help to move things along much faster. Keep one copy at home, and one copy in a bank safe deposit box, or other secure location.

Another situation to strongly consider whether you work remotely from home, or work from home on an as-needed basis. With computer systems, tablets, and other digital devices, you will need added insurance protection. Consider the negative effects of the following circumstances:

  • Fire
  • Dangerous electrical surges,
  • Unexpected water or chemical sprinkler activation in your home

Our team at MRH Insurance Group Inc. holds the opinion that customers need reliable surge protectors. They are inexpensive and should be changed every year.

We have online rating tools for home and automobile insurance. The better choice is to visit the independent agent's location to discuss a new policy or to use the online rating tool for a quote.