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Motorcycle Insurance

You own a motorcycle so you can feel the wind rushing over your body while you’re out on the open road, and you own a motorcycle to forget about life for a while. Nothing feels as great as the open road while you’re cruising on the back of your motorcycle. And that is why you need motorcycle insurance that will let you relax and focus on the road, not whether your motorcycle insurance coverage will be there for you in case of an accident or theft.

When you come to MRH Insurance Group, Inc., you come to an established business--since 1932—and you come to an insurance provider that puts you first. We handle all claims locally with a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. Come in and see how we can help you set up a policy for motorcycle insurance.

MRH Insurance Group, Inc., is an independent insurance provider which means we can find the most reasonable rates for your situation. We can help ensure your motorcycle has enough coverage to give you peace of mind. We can work with you and our insurers to give you the best outcome if your motorcycle is involved in an accident.

We can also discuss coverage of the property you carry on your motorcycle. This includes, but is not limited, the replacement of camping gear, safety gear, or your phones if it was stolen or damaged while you are on your motorcycle. Peace of mind extends to more than just your motorcycle.

At MRH Insurance Group, Inc., we will sit down with you to find the insurance you requested. This coverage can include collision, comprehensive, bodily injury, replacement cost, roadside assistance, and other coverages. We don’t cover one kind of motorcycle either. We cover Cruisers, Touring bikes, and sports bikes, and just about anything on two wheels.

We provide insurance for people living in Kansas and 11 other states. If we can provide help to you with motorcycle insurance, please come in and sit down with us today. Get out on the open road sooner rather than later, and know that your motorcycle has coverage for your unique situation—from the MRH Insurance Group Inc.