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Umbrella Insurance

Taking the time to learn about umbrella insurance featuring much higher benefits can introduce you to additional coverage options that help protect you and your future. The entire objective of investing in umbrella insurance is to help protect your assets from claims, or from a lawsuit. It also offers help for legal fees, slander, and false arrest. You might view the umbrella concept as a form of extra liability insurance coverage. Once your basic liability level has been reached, you are responsible, and this is where umbrella liability insurance comes into play to help.

Additionally, depending upon the specific type of umbrella insurance coverage, umbrella insurance may cover things not included in your home and car insurance.

At MRH Insurance Group Inc. in Kansas, we believe it's important to describe the specifics when certain terms such as assets are mentioned. The following is a category list of assets that include:

  • Your home, condo, or co-op
  • Automobile, multiple automobiles, boats, and motorcycles
  • Investments such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and real estate and land
  • Savings Accounts
  • Checking Account, or Accounts
  • Cash
  • Sophisticated, high-end computer and AV editing equipment along with other devices
  • Fine art or antique collections
  • Jewelry, gold and silver collections, and coin collections
  • Annuities

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